Moisture Guard Plus

Moisture Guard Plus

  • Extra roofing protection for vulnerable areas. Use on valleys, eaves, flashings, hips, ridges, rakes, and around dormers and skylights
  • Can be used in new construction or in reroofing requiring a complete tear-off
  • Helps extend the life of your roof
15lb Felt

15lb Felt

  • 144' x 36" Coverage 4 squares
  • 432 square feet per roll
  • Laying lines 2", 4", 17"
30lb Felt

 30lb Felt

  • 72' x 36" 216 square feet per roll
  • Laying lines 2", 4", 12", 17"
30lb 18

30lb 18" Felt

  • 72' x 18" Coverage 1 square
  • Laying lines 8", 10"
  • 108 square feet per roll
  • 60 units per pallet
Atlas Roofing Corporation
Gorilla Guard

Gorilla Guard

  • Coverage w/2" Lap: 400 sq.ft.
  • Roll size: 3' x 141.5'
  • High Performance underlayment for steep slope roof applications
Tri-flex Xtreme

Tri-flex Xtreme

  • Synthetic roofing underlayment featuring skid-resistant technology
  • 20 Year limited warranty
Atlas Roofing Corporation
Summitt Synthetic Underlayment

Summit Synthetic Underlayment

  • High tear strength
  • 6-month min. UV resistance
  • Inorganic construction
Atlas Roofing Corporation
Weather Master Granular

Weather Master Granular

  • Skid resistant surface for better traction and safer application.
  • UV protected surface–45 days exposure.
  • High temperature stability - 200°F.
Certainteed Diamond Deck Synthetic

Diamond Deck Synthetic

  • Lightweight – Easy to work with and carry
  • Excellent 6-month UV stability – Finish roof when you are ready
  • Excellent tear resistance – Durability, reduced puncture risk
Certainteed Roofer Select

Roofer Select

  • Manufactured to meet all performance requirements of ASTM D226 and ASTM D4869 (including resistance to "liquid water transmission")
  • Manufactured to comply with ASTM D6757
  • Classified by UL to be a suitable underlayment for use in any UL Class A, B or C fire-rated shingle system
Winter Guard

Winter Guard

Choose your Weapon - WinterGuard comes in three effective surface finishes: Sand, Granular and Hi Tack/High Temperature Film. Consider the design and slope of the roof, combined with your personal preference.

IKO Storm Shield

Storm Shield Standard Ice and Water Protector.

  • Size: 19.8 m x .91 m (65' x 3')
  • Quantity per pallet: 30
  • Quantity Per Unit/Package: 1
  • Contents Per Unit/Package: 18.1 m2 (195 sq. ft.)


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